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1. The rent MUST be paid in advance.

2. You will have the property and the furniture for a term of: You must give one months notice to end this tenancy agreement. The notice MUST be given to expire on a rent payment day.

3. This agreement is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (as defined in section 19A of the Housing Act 1988). The arrangements in section 21 on the Housing Act 1988 for the Landlord to repossess the property apply to this agreement. This means that you cannot claim any legal rights to stay on once the tenancy has ended and a court order says you must leave. The Landlord giving a section 21 notice must give at least two months notice, in writing. For more information, you should consult a Housing Advice Centre, Solicitor or Citizens Advice Bureau who will tell you what this means.

3A. As a condition of entering into this tenancy agreement you shall:-

(A) Obtain and maintain a policy of insurance with a reputable insurance company to provide not less than £2,500 of cover for accidental damage to the Landlords Property, Fixtures & Fittings and Possessions, and

(B) Upon request, provide us with a copy of the insurance certificate and policy, to evidence your compliance with this condition.

3B If you fail to obtain and maintain insurance in accordance with clause 3A above, we may, in our sole discretion terminate this agreement in accordance with our terms and conditions within this agreement.

3C You shall and shall use all reasonable endeavours to procure that any necessary third party shall promptly execute and deliver such documents and perform such acts as may reasonably be required for the purposes of giving full effect to clause 3A above.

4. We will let the property to you (individually and together) and only you and (named above).


6. You have to pay a Deposit of:- You will not receive interest on the Deposit. You will have your deposit returned once your tenancy comes to an end and you leave the property, as long as you have kept to all the agreements & conditions and you have paid all of the rent due and bills for the property. If you do not, we may take from your Deposit any rent legally owed to us, or other money legally owed to us, reasonable compensation if you have broken any of your agreements or the reasonably cost of making good any damage which is not caused by fair wear and tear. We shall keep the deposit until you have produced satisfactory proof that you have paid for utility bills (elec, gas, water, phone etc) for the property. If you fail to do so, we may pay any charges you owe from your deposit, If we cannot agree amounts for any breach, the matter will be decided by the County Court unless we can agree on some other way of sorting the dispute.

7. You cannot use the deposit to pay rent under this agreement.

8. If you owe rent or any other money legally payable to us under the agreement, you will have to pay interest on this amount from the date that it should have been paid.

9. We may keep keys to the property.

10. The Landlord may remove, store, sell or otherwise dispose of any furniture or goods the Tenant refuses or fails to remove from the property at the end of the Tenancy. The tenant will be responsible for all reasonable costs which the landlord may incur. The landlord will be able to deduct such costs and any monies lawfully due to the landlord from any money realised from the disposal of such items or goods.


You as the Tenant MUST do the following:

1. Pay rent on the days and in the way we have agreed.

2. Pay our reasonable costs for sending out reminder letters. These will be £5.00 for EACH Reminder sent.

3. Pay our reasonable costs for any cheques that do not clear. These costs will be £35.00 EACH time a cheque does not clear.

4. Keep the inside of the property in at least as good a condition as it was when the tenancy started (fair wear and tear are accepted). At the end of the tenancy you must leave all furniture and fixtures and fittings in the rooms or places they were at the beginning of the Tenancy.

5. Repair any damage that you have done deliberately or that was caused by the neglect or carelessness of you or anyone else living in or visiting the property. This includes replacing any broken glass in windows/doors and repairing/replacing any damage fittings and installations. If you do not repair any damage that you are responsible for, we may give you written notice asking you to repair the damage within a reasonable timescale. If you fail to do this within the timescale, we may enter the property (after giving you 24 hours Notice in writing) and carry out the work – you will have to pay any reasonable costs of this work.

6. Pay for all electricity, gas, telephone, council tax and water charges relating to the Property that apply during the term of the tenancy.

7. Take reasonable precautions to prevent frost or similar damage to the property. If the property is going to be empty overnight or for more than 12 hours when the weather is likely to be cold, you must leave enough heating on to prevent the water system from freezing or turn off the water supply at the main stopcock and open all the other water taps and valves in the property to drain the tank of hot and cold water.

8. Whenever you leave the property unattended, you must lock all doors and windows and put the burglar alarm system on (if any). You should let us know if the property is going to be empty for more than 7 days in a row.

9. If you give us notice that you are going to leave the property before this agreement has ended, you must pay our reasonable costs for re-letting the property as well as paying any rent until a new tenant moves in.

10. Allow us to enter the property at all reasonable hours of the day to inspect the condition of the property to carry out repairs or to do other work which we must carry out by law. We shall give you 24 hours written notice if we are going to enter the property. You must let us enter the property immediately if there is an emergency.

11. Let us know of any repairs/faults that we are responsible for in the structure or outside of the property in any installation or in the shared areas.

12. Only park vehicles on your parking space without causing an obstruction.

13. Pay the reasonable costs for replacing locks if you fail to return any key. Pay any reasonable costs for getting replacement keys.

14. Allow possible new tenants and prospective purchasers to look at the property on at least 24 hours notice during the last month on your tenancy.

15. Be jointly and individually responsible for paying all the rent you have to pay under this Agreement and keep to all the terms of this agreement.

17. Defrost the fridge whenever necessary. You will be responsible for the reasonable cost of making good any damage that is caused if this has not been done.

18. Be responsible for looking after the garden (if any). It must be kept tidy and properly cultivated with any grass cut regularly, but you do not have to improve the garden.

19. At the end of the tenancy, leave the property and fixtures and fittings in as good a condition as at the start of the tenancy and free from rubbish.


You as the Tenant MUST NOT do the following:-

1. Alter or add anything to the outside or structure of the property or the furniture, fixtures & household belongings that are on the list that you and we signed. You must not bring into the property any furniture, fixtures or household belongings which do not meet the Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations. You can get information about these regulations from your local Trading Standards Office.

2. Anything that will be a nuisance or annoy neighbours. You must not play any radio/CD/record player/television or musical instrument in a way that will cause a nuisance, annoy the neighbours or be heard outside the property between 11.00pm & 7.30am.

3. Bring Bicycles, Motor Cycles & Prams into the property without our permission, in writing (which we will not unreasonably withhold).

4. Tamper with any fire precautions.

5. Hang pictures/posters on the walls, use blue-tack or any similar type of adhesive on the walls without our permission. (which we will not unreasonably withhold).

6. Sublet the property or any part of it or give up the property or any part of it to another person.

7. Transfer the tenancy to someone else without our permission, in writing. (which we will not unreasonably withhold).

8. Carry on any profession, trade or business in the property or use the property as anything other than a home.

9. Display any permanent notice at the property.

10. Block, or allow guests to obstruct any of the shared areas.

11. Dry washing inside the property, except in a ventilated room suitable for such purpose.

12. Use paraffin or portable gas heater.

13. No smoking is allowed inside the property.


If we need to serve any notice on you, we will deliver it by hand or send it to you by first class post to the property address. This means that notices are served on you once they are put through your letterbox, even if you do not receive them because you have moved. If you give us another address to send notices to, any notice will be validly served at that address, if it is posted by first class post or left at the address.

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