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Free Sales – Valuations
Your home is the most valuable thing you own, and selling can be one of the most stressful things you can do, so picking the correct agent is very important.

When getting your house valued you should choose an agent that can combine local knowledge with experience of sales in your area, a competitive fee and a flexible contract to suit your individual needs.

At Drurys we offer all of these along with a relaxed but upbeat feel to the office.



This is a legal document. Please make sure you read it carefully and ask any questions relating to the terms and conditions before signing.

Where the agent acts on the sellers behalf as sole agents, the seller will be liable to pay remuneration to the agent, in addition to any costs or charges agreed, if at any time unconditional contracts for the sale of the property are exchanged with a buyer introduced by the agents during the period of the sole agency or with whom the agents had negotiations with about the property during that period or with a buyer introduced by another agent during that period.

The agents will be able to claim the agreed commission for a period of 6 months after expiry of the agency agreement, if a buyer introduced during the agency period goes on to purchase the property within 6 months of the expiry of the agreement.

The length of the agreement agreed with both agent and seller for this contract is a minimum of 16 weeks and will then be on running unless given 14 days notice to terminate the contract.

If any other agent introduces a buyer to the seller during the period of sole agency this will be regarded as an introduction by the agent and the seller will have to pay the agents an agreed fee, as well as the other agents fee.

For the purpose of this contract, joint agency means that the seller can instruct two agents to act on a joint basis, one fee will be agreed and the two agents involved will agree the commission split. i.e. 60/40 or 50/50. The same notice period will apply.

There is no fee payable if the seller has a private buyer. However, please note that a buyer is deemed to have been introduced by the agent if the buyer finds out that the property is for sale by seeing the agents ‘FOR SALE’ board or any other form of advertising such as internet, text, local paper, email or any other marketing notifying the property is for sale.

The agents ask permission to erect display boards at the property to assist in the marketing of the property. Any such boards will comply with the town and country planning (control advertisements) Regulations 1987, as amended.

The agent accepts liability for any claim arising under these regulations in connection with the board, unless the action arises as a result of a further board being put up by another agent.

Commission fees are payable as a result of the circumstances outlined in the sole agency section of the contract, fees are liable on exchange of contracts but are due on completion of the sale.

The responsibility of the payment of these fees remains with the sellers as named in the contract. Under the terms and conditions of this agreement, the sellers are obliged to meet the payment schedule.

An upfront fee of £50 will be charged to cover advertising costs on point of instruction, no other additional expenses will be charged unless agreed with the seller in writing.

The agent will promptly and accurately, forward all offers received from potential buyers at any time up until contracts have been exchanged, unless the offer is of an amount or type which the seller has specifically instructed the agents, in writing, not to pass on. A written or computerised record of all offers received will be kept (including the date and time such offers were received and the clients response). This record will be available to the sellers request.