Tips on Selling your Home

A clean and tidy house looks well cared for and well maintained. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of beds being made up preferable with fresh clean linen, that cupboards (of which applicants will open) are neat and that contents do not fall out when opened, also that table tops, shelves and window sills are regularly dusted. Should the carpets be marked or stained we would recommend a professional carpet clean (i.e. shampoo) before marketing of the property begins.

Most of us naturally build up a collection of possessions. However, rooms should be kept as simple as possible so that viewers can imagine how their own furniture and possessions would look in each of the rooms. It is always a good idea to put any unnecessary items into storage as a clutter free rooms feels bigger – and storage can be surprisingly inexpensive.

First impressions count so it helps to touch up paintwork both internally and externally. Keep gardens tidy and lawns freshly mown, hedges cut and plants and shrubs tidily pruned.

Good natural light is a tremendous asset that should be maximized. During the day keep curtains fully open. Electrical lighting is equally as important in the winter months and side lights in particular can add warmth and charm to a room. Also ensure that all bulbs are working.

Windows should be squeaky clean. Vital light can be lost with dirty windows and once again dirty windows can give the wrong impression. Any net curtains should be pristine and blinds dusted and wiped down.

Mail, circulars and free magazines should not be allowed to pile up inside the front door as it can create an ‘uncared for’ air and simply look untidy. (in empty properties we will happily dispose of any junk mail for this very reason. Milk bottles and rubbish similarly should not be allowed to build up outside the front door.

Communal Areas
These areas should always be kept clean and tidy. In flats it is very easy to forget how common communal areas look as it is usually nobodies own responsibility to clean them. However, it is the first internal area a viewer will look at.

Viewers can be put off a property immediately if it smells of stale smoke, animals or bins. Therefore, it is vital to ensure adequate ventilation and perhaps the use of air fresheners etc.

A property will always show better and feel more comfortable to prospective purchasers if it is cook int he summer and cosy warm in the winter. If the property is vacant, please ensure that the heating has been set to come on at regular intervals to remove any chill thereby increasing the overall ‘warmth’ of the property.

And Finally Try to make your home as welcoming as possible with fresh flowers, open windows in the summer or the fire on in the winter.
Try to view your property with ‘New Eyes’ i.e. how you would like to see it.